Why Couriers Need A GPS Tracking System?

Courier services all over the world have seen some drastic changes in terms of the adoption of latest technology in recent years. Fast track services like midnight couriers, international deliveries, and same day courier in London are all examples of how science and technology has positively changed the face of the logistics sector.

Another such example of a major advancement in service quality of couriers in London is the successful implementation of GPS tracking systems for every parcel delivery. Here are some of its top benefits:

1. Enhanced customer satisfaction– This is beneficial even if you are the seller using courier services to deliver your customer orders. This way you can easily track the progress of your courier in the parcel pipeline and use the information to resolve customer queries.

2. Confirmation of receipt– There is a copy of parcel receipt that is recorded with the courier service, given to the recipient and the seller or sender of the parcel. This ensures that the parcel is delivered at the specified time and the confirmation of which is recorded with 3 parties for future references.

3. Peace of mind– Customers are able to track their parcel in real time with the help of GPS enabled couriers in London which gives them a sense of satisfaction as to the delivery of their parcel on time.

Capital Couriers also uses GPS enabled delivery vans for both domestic and international couriers. We also provide bespoke logistics to meet our clients’ requirements. To get a free price quotation for your courier, call 020 7510 8989.

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