Who Actually Uses Same Day Courier Services?

With the growing demand for faster delivery options among the public, most of the courier companies in London now offer the same day courier services which claim to deliver your parcels to their intended recipients on the same day of the pickup. However, since these services require deliveries in shorter periods of time, they cost a little more than other courier service plans.

Most of the times people avail these services for sending time sensitive consignments like:

  • Important course case files and documents
  • Business documents that need urgent approval
  • Medical report files from patients to hospitals or vice versa
  • Critical medical supplied for emergencies
  • Assignments that need to be sent for grading, etc.

Whether or not you may think that you would use the services of same day courier, one should always be informed of the important facts associated with it so as to be ready in case of emergencies (if and when you would have to send a same day parcel).

  • Select a courier partner based on the size and weight of the parcel you wish to send.
  • If you have important documents in the parcel, consider couriers that offer transit insurance.
  • Do not parcel any delicate, illegal or expensive item through couriers.

Capital Couriers is a leading provider of same day couriers in the United Kingdom. To get an instant quote for your same day parcel, call us directly on 020 7510 8989. For any other query or detailed information on our offered services, email us at info@capitalcouriersltd.co.uk.



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