Understanding UK logistics

For someone who deals in a B2B or B2C business, logistics management won’t be a new term because they have to deal with it continually during their business proceedings. Logistics basically is all about planning and controlling an effective storage and flow of business goods or products from their manufacturing point to the end users or its point of consumption.

Now there are some important activities that are almost always involved in the logistics services for all business organisations. These are:

1. Customer support services

2. Inventory management

3. Order dispensation

4. Packaging goods

5. Warehousing and storage services

6. Return goods handling

7. Forming a distribution communication

8. Material handling

9. Procuring goods

10. Transportation of products

11. Demand forecasting

Regular consumers and new entrepreneurs often misunderstand Supply Chain Management (SCM) with managing logistics; while the actuality is that logistics is one of the most important subset of SCM and is employed at its various stages.

How Capital Couriers can help you manage your logistics?

There are certain aspects of Capital Couriers Logistics and Distribution services that make it the leading courier company of London with national and international coverage. We provide a 24/7 online access for our clients to their stocks so that they have full remote control over their SCM process. Besides this, the professional logistics expert at Capital Couriers would help you customise the distribution plans according to your specific requirements based on the type and size of your business organisation. Enjoy flexible payment methods and regular email alerts to keep track of your order during its journey to the customer.

If you think we can help your business with our affordable courier service in London, connect with our service experts at 020 7510 8989.

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