What can your courier company ship for you?

Courier companies pride themselves for the wide variety of facilities they provide for sending parcels around cities, nations and across the globe. From next day deliveries to midnight courier, one can easily find a service that meets their specific requirements.

But are there any restrictions as to what can you parcel? Well, while most of the items are acceptable by courier companies if they are properly packed by the sender, there are some items that are avoided and others which are usually prohibited by major courier companies.

Avoidable goods- These usually consist of chemicals like bleach, aerosols etc and require special deliveries. You can also include fragile goods in this category since it is not usually advised to send such items off via any normal courier in London.

Prohibited items- Some of the restricted items are:

  • Alcohol
  • Animal products like fur, skin, etc.
  • Currency (paper or coin) of any nationality.
  • Perishable items (ex. Food)
  • Precious metals and stones
  • Tobacco, drugs.
  • Bond and stock securities
  • Antiques
  • Living organisms (insects, fish, animals or plants)
  • Toner or ink cartridges
  • Explosives, firearms, artillery or weapons
  • Car batteries

If you are looking for a reliable courier company in London, these are some of the items that are usually prohibited for parcel deliveries and are not accepted. If you have any doubts regarding the acceptability of your parcel at Capital Couriers, simply call us at 02075108989 to enquire or write and send your queries at info@capitalcouriersltd.co.uk.


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