Why didn’t you get your parcel on time?

Although all competent courier services in the United Kingdom (in the whole world perhaps) know the importance of timely safe deliveries and claim to provide just that and more to distinguish them from among the other competitors, there are still some of the deliveries that get delayed. So what causes these unfortunate impediments in spite of all the intense administration and management practices employed by the couriers in London? Here is what might have gone wrong in the process:

1.You were not at the address- Couriers are often delivered to either the recipient or some close relative if it is a general delivery. One of the possible reasons you might not have received your parcel might be because you went out for grocery shopping round the corner, hoping to just come back in a few minutes and the delivery guy came in your absence. Fret not; they would attempt one more delivery before returning the package back to the sender.

2.Traffic- Same day and overnight deliveries are usually dispatched on priority basis but these too can be delayed by some minutes to a few hours if the traffic on the London streets is heavy.

3.Delivery person cannot find the address- Yes! This happens to even the best of us sometimes. Although most of the couriers in London have operating GPS enabled vehicles, they too sometimes find it difficult to locate the destination address. It would do well to mention a contact number of the recipient on your courier order for the delivery guy to contact to during such emergencies.

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