Why People Prefer Courier Services More?

Because they provide you benefits other postal and delivery services don’t offer. Here are the top 5 reasons submitted by real users when asked why they prefer courier over FedEx, USPS or UPS:

1.    Courier companies are very efficient when it comes to delivering a same day courier in London. I got my parcel picked up at 11 am and delivered to the recipient at 5 pm in the evening on the same day. – Donna.

2.    I get free transit insurance with courier services and that is primarily why I choose them over any other delivery service. – Joanne.

3.    I always used FedEx until one day I had to send this parcel in the evening after the service hours and the FedEx people quoted a large price for midnight deliveries. I then contact a courier company in London and they got the parcel delivered at reasonable rates. – Raj.

4.    Courier services are actually cost efficient when it comes to logistics and heavy or bulk shipping. I use them on a regular basis for my business of International import-export. – Dan (Capital Couriers Customer)

5.    The best part about courier services is perhaps that they can easily offer you bespoke solutions. You don’t have to choose from pre-set plans or packages; you can simply call them up and they would help you form a custom solution. – Ibrahim.

So you see easy availability and bespoke solutions are some of the reasons people prefer to hire courier services instead of any other service. If you share similar thoughts and have a parcel to deliver, call Capital Couriers at 020 7510 8989.

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