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Types of Services Offered By Couriers in London

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Finding the right London courier service can be a daunting task until you are aware of the different types of shipping services available. So, if you have packages to be delivered, you should be acquainted with the different courier services you can opt for.

Particularly, if you are into an e-commerce business, you should understand the different types of shipping services and their uses. That’s mainly because, with the rise of e-commerce businesses and online shopping, couriers in London have become a staple service in today’s society. And the absence of courier services can stop online shoppers from ordering things, eventually deleting the existence of the e-commerce industry.

Whether you run a small business or a large-sized one, knowing and understanding the different kinds of courier delivery services can help you get your products delivered on time and at lower costs. Read on to learn the different types of shipping services offered by courier companies in regard to how and what they ship.

Courier Services: Types Of Shipping Methods

  • Standard Shipping: Standard shipping services are exactly the same as they sound. The primary aim of standard shipping services is to deliver packages in ways that postal services do. These services are designed to follow set guidelines and often take 2-3 days to transport a package to its destination. If you have a business relying on courier services, standard shipping can be your best bet!
  • Next-Day or Overnight Shipping: Overnight couriers in London are apt for businesses that cannot get their products delivered during rush hours. These services are particularly great for businesses transporting building materials or large goods. With overnight delivery services, you can expect your packages to spend less time on the road.
  • Same-Day Shipping: As the name implies, same-day shipping services deliver packages on the same day as your order. They are a more popular variant of standard shipping services and are perfect for those businesses that need to deliver packages within an urgent deadline. However, there are a few restrictions to be followed for availing of same-day delivery services.
  • Rush or On-Demand Shipping: Faster than same-day delivery services, rush or on-demand shipping often delivers a package within 4 hours or less irrespective of the time of the day the order was placed. They are less restrictive than same-day delivery services and usually start transporting a package the moment an order is placed.
  • Scheduled or Routed Shipping: If you run a business that requires massive package deliveries on regular basis, a scheduled or routed London courier service can be your best bet. These shipping services do not deliver goods one at a time. Instead, they fulfill multiple deliveries by adding orders to an existing courier route.
  • International Shipping: These services are apt for businesses having a global reach. As the name implies, international shipping services can be used to deliver goods across the globe. They are more reliable and secure than postal services since they are not restricted by governmental jurisdiction. 

Courier Services: Types Of Goods Shipped

  • Parcel Delivery: Parcel and package delivery is a standard service offered by almost all couriers in London. It is one of the most common, competitive, and cheapest shipping services available.
  • Freight Delivery: This special delivery service can be used for transporting large or abnormally-shaped freight orders, particularly for items sent from a distribution center to a store.
  • Luggage Delivery: If you are a frequent traveller and often face airport luggage damage, consider hiring a London courier service for luggage delivery. Interestingly, luggage delivery couriers take special care of baggage and its contents to prevent luggage damage. They also ensure delivering luggage within the promised time, unlike airport baggage handlers.
  • Perishables: If you run a medicine, floral, or food delivery business that requires you to transport items in refrigerated trucks, perishable courier delivery can be your ideal solution. This shipping service can keep the items insulated and deliver them fast.
  • Hazardous Materials: Not every courier company can deliver hazardous materials. Only some are licensed to handle the delivery of hazardous materials like volatile chemicals and toxic wastes. They generally transport items that are listed as restricted or prohibited by local postal services.
  • Documents: Important documents, especially legal ones are too sensitive to handle. To avoid losing them in the mail, it’s best to hire a trusted and reliable courier service that can deliver them by hand.
  • Medical Supplies: Usually, medical equipment and supplies are also considered hazardous to transport by normal means. Thus, it’s always advisable to hire a courier company specialising in medical deliveries. Companies delivering medical supplies have the right equipment to transport items safely and quickly.

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn the different types of couriers in London in terms of how and what they deliver. So, choose the right shipping service and get your packages delivered to the requisite destinations now! For trusted and reliable courier delivery services in London, you can connect with Capital Couriers.