Learning The Art Of Packing Parcels

While a professional courier company in London like ours can help with fast and safe delivery of your parcel to its intended recipient; senders themselves can also use efficient packaging techniques to ensure the security of their parcel contents during its transit journey. Listed here are some useful tips and resourceful packaging practices that one can use:

  • As far as possible choose new boxes for packing your parcels. While reusing old packaging, make sure it is in perfect condition and not broken or dented.
  • If you are shipping or moving smaller products, it would be wise to individually wrap each item in a cushioning material like newspaper or bubble wrap and place them in the centre of the shipping box, filling out the rest of the space with straw or paper.
  • For extremely small components like tiny metal parts for example, fill them in plastic bags or Tupperware boxes to avoid spills and splatters during the transit.
  • When shipping things that can get damaged by humidity, you need to first pack them in Ziploc bags with a silicon pouch to absorb the extra moisture from surroundings  before packing them in the parcel box.
  • For special deliveries like heavy consignments or delicate objects it is better if you select a courier service in London accordingly. Anything above 25 Kg in parcels is considered a heavy delivery and ‘HEAVY’ should be mentioned on the packaging. Similarly, special delicate deliveries are available for shipping fragile items like crockery sets or antique art pieces etc.

These tips would help you improve the experience of packing and sending couriers in London and anywhere in the world whether you choose the standard or express delivery services.


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