Dealing with the Change

Overwhelming activity in the e-Commerce industry is putting retailers under a great strain. The ever-changing demands of online shoppers have only made it more complex. Courier companies that collaborate with retailers need to bring a change in their approach. Only change in the process won’t suffice.

Tackling with the changing peaks in capacity is a big challenge for both the retailer and the logistics company. Logistics companies should clearly communicate any limitation to capacity. It is better to disappoint a customer before than promise and fail to deliver later.

The shopping patterns are highly flexible to change from year to year making it extremely difficult to predict. The spending last year might reflect a pattern but it would be unwise depending on assumptions totally. A number of variable factors might instigate changes in the buying patterns of customers. Fast and flexible delivery is the core of omnichannel retail. However, missed deliveries and damaged revenues are results of not considering the thresholds.

As pattern become more unpredictable, courier companies or logistics providers should learn to manage customer expectation by prioritising accuracy while promising delivery times. It is better to experience loss than damage reputation. For any courier company in London, reputation should be the primary focus. People would appreciate a clear communication regarding delivery times. Time-critical services such as same day courier in London calls for greater responsibility. These services are expensive than the regular couriers and hence, people availing the services expects the company to deliver.

Courier companies should be able to properly analyse the market conditions and prepare for the same to keep the client base expanding.

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