Courier Versus Cargo

When a person wants to send a document, a letter, a gift, or a package to someone who is sitting at a different location, he left with a few options including post office, courier, or cargo. It is quite evident that using a courier or cargo service is obviously a costly affair but it is faster and more secure than postal service. These are no doubt a more convenient way to deliver packages and documents.

A courier is an agency who carries and delivers packages, mails, and other important packages. Owing to its high cost and quick delivery of packages of any size, courier service is treated as a premium service. This fully secured and convenient option is best to deliver the package in the best possible time with a full tracking feature.

Most of the courier companies are limited to a certain locality. Cargos which are also known in the industry with the name of freight, are the goods or items that are transported in bulk by different transporting mediums such as ship, truck, train, or aircraft. These goods or items are transported from one place to another by keeping it in containers.

Let us see different transporting mediums used by Cargos to transport the goods:

  • Ships- The goods are stored in wooden pallets for transporting.
  • Trucks- This is a convenient medium to transport the goods from one place to another. Here, only those goods are sent by trucks which are to be delivered in a definite range.
  • Train- This is a convenient medium to send coal, steel, wood, or other mining products.
  • Aircraft- This is a suitable way to send perishable or delicate goods.

 Sending goods by cargo may include dresses, goods, materials, stocks, wares, and so on. In fact, cargos are best to send heavy equipment, spare parts, live stocks, and so on. Cargos are picked up by cargo or London courier companies from their place of origin to process further to be delivered to their destination point.

Cargo companies are mainly used for sending the parcel in bulk or to send those goods that need special care while transportation. Cargo companies can easily handle large consignments and are ideal to be used to send them in any part of the world. The price of this cargo or courier services London is decided on the item which they need to deliver. In short, courier companies are best to send documents and small items that are very delicate and expensive in price. Normally, courier companies have their websites where they furnish a list of service they offer and their cost. Most of the courier companies offer cargo services but they utilize different transportation medium to deliver the cargos.

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