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How Delivery Companies in London Use Technology to Reach You in Time

You have got GPS, location tracking, and eCommerce and you still expect same-day delivery services to be slow?

Well, we might want to reiterate it here. As one of the responsible courier companies in London, we define speed by management. For speed, you have got the latest tech products. For management, you have our expertise and experience. 

Of course, all of this, in a blend, brings you your parcel at the right time, even if it’s heavily raining outside or it’s a holiday. 

In this post, we can learn more about how we use technology and our experiences to beat time and deliver your packages exactly when you want them. 

What’s happening in the UK with package delivery?

The UK is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. If you didn’t know this, you might not have done enough research on the matter. 

Keeping that in mind, we need to look at some information. You see, (and this is going to sound unbelievable), the courier and same-day delivery businesses are delivering around 130 parcels (132 to be exact) in a second. 

And yes, you read that correctly. 

Given this situation, courier companies in London must use technology because that is the most effective solution there is for now. 

The good thing is we, as a delivery company, are open to choosing the kind of technology we need. That said, the UK has seen a rise in AI-powered tools to deliver packages. 

On the other hand, though, London has taken one more step to protect Mother Nature. Check the Internet or do some research about same-day delivery services. 

You’ll find how they converted to an eco-friendly version of traditional courier services, which have strong records of carbon footprints. 

Sounds fine! But, how do we use these technologies (and more) for our delivery services to meet every, single deadline? 

You might need to read the next point. 

What Technologies Make Same-Day Delivery Companies in London Reach You in Time and Every Time?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) might be the trend almost everywhere. However, same-day delivery services in London go beyond that to help you receive your package on time. The points below can help:

  • We Use GPS Technology As Flexibly As Possible 

GPS technology revolutionized the fields of tracking routes. Almost everyone uses GPS technology nowadays. However, not all of them are experts in it. 

We know a minor glitch in the GPS tech and device can disrupt one’s journey. Suppose this happens to a professional courier delivery vehicle, which carries vital documents and parcels to deliver to multiple locations. In that case, we might face serious issues and receive complaints from our clients. 

More than 60% of UK consumers state that they are willing to pay more for same-day delivery service. Imagine the profits it equals for an eCommerce company. 

We know about this factor because we have been working with eCommerce brands for a really long time. We promise our clients to deliver work by making our GPS technologies more useful. Here are a few practices we follow:

  • We constantly upgrade our GPS software and use the latest versions. We, in fact, take one more extra step by investing in technology to ensure we don’t get our drivers confused in the middle of the road.
  • GPS software is accessed by more than one device. To keep things in check, we use more than one device. We also use extra devices in case we need backup. 
  • We invest and upgrade our malware protection solutions and antiviruses so that we can rely on our GPS services 24 * 7

This is a common issue for courier services or same-day delivery companies in London. However, we have made our services exceptional by equipping our GPS services with other technological facilities, which you can find on the next point. 

We Use IoT to Track Our Parcel Delivery Services 

We deliver parcels and packages for a variety of consumers. Since most of our customers are eCommerce brands, we have to provide them with timely package delivery because we don’t want them to lose important deals and sales. 

More than that, though, our customers believe us for the authenticity we provide. This factor does influence to boost sales in eCommerce sectors. We use IoT solutions in collaboration with our GPS software to ensure we keep our delivery support 100% authentic.

With the help of GPS software, patched with the right IoT device, we achieve real-time tracking. It then helps us collect relevant data on our fleets regarding the best routes to take, find shortcuts, reduce fuel consumption, and ensure your package is delivered in time. 

IoT tracking also helps us collect data on packages and parcels to plan our deliveries and choose the right fleet of vans or other vehicles to send you parcels in time.

Green Parcel Delivery?

Well, by this time, it’s not a question mark anymore.

Throughout the years, electric and hybrid vehicles have made it easy for delivery companies in London to reduce turnover rates and increase sales. There is a subtle reason for it. We need to understand that. 

You see, reducing carbon footprints is possible when you use sustainable choices. That said, we at Capital Couriers have facilitated our fleets with many electric or hybrid vehicles. Yes, it reduces carbon footprint, but it also gives us a very useful reason to improve our services. 

In a way, electric vehicles facilitate our services by expanding our fleet. This creates more backup options for us. We can now say ‘yes’ to increased requests for same-day delivery services.

It does help us grow our operational work and, therefore, our reach to customers (and general profit). And the good news is we do all this without affecting the environment. 

Why do eCommerce Services and Others Choose Capital Couriers First?

We have been one of the most reliable delivery companies in London for a long time. We prioritize our customers’ ‘timely’ needs before anything. 

We dedicated ourselves not to miss a single project or a deadline. We know our work concerns delivering important paperwork and parcels. This factor, along with many other of our strategies, has motivated us to stay updated and advanced so that we can always stay ahead of time to get to you before you expect us. 

  • We have a trained school of drivers and a fleet of vehicles to send you packages at the right time. 
  • Our drivers are all trained in same-day delivery services and possess considerable experience in this sector.
  • We have made online booking systems easy and approachable for everyone. You don’t have to go through a paperwork-heavy process full of hassles to book your delivery. Let us know when and where you want the parcel sent and we will take care of it. 
  • Capital Couriers London offers discounts and attractive rates for delivery and courier services. If you want to have your packages delivered at the right time and save money, too, then you can choose to work with us.

To Conclude: Why Don’t You Reach Us by Call to Find out More…

In case you want to find out more about our services so that you can make a better decision, please get in touch with us before we reach you to pick up your packages. We are always open for a conversation to help you out in making the right decisions. This approach to interacting with our customers first has promoted us as one of the most popular delivery companies in London as well.