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The Courier, Express, and Parcel market is on the upswing in the United Kingdom and there’s no stemming the tide. It is a vital part of the goods delivery industry and it is difficult to imagine modern life without it. People are used to speedy London delivery service and they’re ready to pay up if the service is fast and reliable.

The scenario of the CEP market has seen a dramatic shift ever since couriers London became tech-savvy with the use of GPS tech and drones. They are handling large shipments with ease and clocking record-breaking times in delivery.

Services like that of Capital Couriers have revolutionized the logistics supply and distribution channels. The assurance of same-day courier delivery has made our lives much easier.

A detailed look at UK’s CEP Market

The way London delivery service has impacted our lives thus warrants a closer look. You’ll be intrigued to see the kind of shipment volumes these service deliveries are handling on a day-to-day basis. The way delivery services like Capital Couriers are going forward, it won’t be far-fetched to say they are the active force behind the economy’s movement.

Market size

The CEP market stands at $17.13 billion in 2024. It is growing at an impressive rate and the value is about to touch $20.87 billion as per the report.

Growth prospects

  • Between 2017-23: The market grew at a CAGR of 2.75%.
  • Lightweight shipments like cosmetics, medicine, and groceries had the highest share of delivery (60.92%) in 2023.
  • Growth for the 2024-30 period: Poised to grow at a CAGR of 3.35% (combined CEP market growth forecast)
  • Among the three categories, the market for express delivery is poised to grow at the fastest rate – pegged at 3.81% between 2024-30.
  • The fastest-growing segment is the B2C (Business-to-consumer) segment with a projected growth rate of 4.35% between 2024-30 period.

Shipment volume

You must be curious about the kind of shipments being delivered by couriers in London. What goods do the people of the UK get delivered the most? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fashion goods – clothes (63%) and shoes (47%)
  • Consumer electronics (35%)
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Games

Changes driving UK’s CEP market ahead

Multiple factors are driving the CEP markets forward. The growth in manufacturing, the advent of several e-commerce players, and the use of technology have changed the way our parcels and couriers are being delivered. Let’s see the causal factors behind this change in more detail below:

Manufacturing growth:

The growth in manufacturing has been in full swing now that the Brexit effects are a thing of the past. The UK and London in particular is the hub of small businesses and these small and medium enterprises have led the manufacturing growth. With a 33.79% share, the manufacturing sector is the largest market by end-user industry for CEP delivery services.

Rise and rise of e-commerce:

The e-commerce industry has risen with the increase in manufacturing and production. The industry saw a huge rise in the UK even before Covid. This happened as online delivery services became faster. Consumers like to order from the comfort of their homes and e-commerce portals have made it possible with a few clicks. The delivery of these products lies on the shoulders of the CEP industry.

Increase in logistics warehouses:

The need for logistics warehouses is increasingly felt worldwide. It’s even more so in Europe. The geopolitical headwinds in the region have made it necessary to invest in large storage facilities. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the supply chain of Europe and the CEP industry wants to be prepared. All the major players are thus heavily investing in logistics warehouses.

Increasing customer expectations:

The increase in goods production and the ever-expanding e-commerce space have raised customer expectations of timely delivery. Combined with the attention-seeking tactics of digital marketing and advertising agencies, they have created a perception of lightning-fast delivery. The consumers want their goods delivered as soon as they order them and this has kept the CEP industry moving with full force.

Technology adoption:

The delivery services in the CEP industry have been the first movers when it comes to adopting technology. They have leveraged major technological advancements like GPS tracking and drone technology to full effect. It has dramatically reduced the time taken to deliver products. What used to take days, even weeks to deliver only a few years ago is now delivered the very same day by London delivery service companies.

The immeasurable role of courier delivery services in employment

The services delivering couriers in London are one of the largest employment providers in the country. They employ several delivery agents and drivers who are an important cog in the CEP wheel. The success of the CEP industry largely depends on the thousands of workers who work silently behind the scenes to get parcels delivered at specified locations. The industry offers a great avenue for growth to qualified professionals and the entry barriers are relatively low.

How do Capital Couriers fare in the CEP industry?

Capital Couriers is fast emerging as one of the major players in the CEP industry in the UK. We are a highly versatile London delivery service company operating out of the economic capital of Europe. We specialize in a comprehensive range of delivery services that includes both domestic and international deliveries.

Here’s how we are capturing the couriers in London one delivery at a time:

Large vehicle fleet

We have a large vehicle fleet that consists of several small and large vans, cars, motorcycles, and electric two-wheelers. These vehicles are stationed at our warehouses and are ready to be out for delivery at a moment’s notice.

Same day courier

Our major expertise lies in the lightning-fast delivery of products. We handle all kinds of courier, express, and parcel services and deliver the same day to our clients. Our well-trained agents pick up the delivery content from the source and get ready for a prompt delivery.

Last-mile courier delivery

We provide last-mile coverage in the remotest parts of the UK. If your parcel delivery lies with us, you are assured of a 100% dispatch. We’ll deliver your courier in the promised time no matter where your clients live in the UK.

International delivery

Capital Couriers Limited has also expanded into the international market. We offer international delivery services to all the major countries in the world. Contact us to see our international delivery locations.

GPS-enabled tracking

All our vehicles and couriers are GPS-tagged to keep track of their exact location. This is crucial to avoid any distress among clients and consumers alike. You’ll always be aware of where and how your packages are moving throughout the country.

Key Takeaway

The United Kingdom has one of the world’s largest B2B market share among the comity of nations. The CEP industry commonly known as the courier or parcel industry is one of the vital players in this segment. About 40% of companies rely on B2B activity for their successful operation. London delivery service companies like Capital Couriers have a sizable chunk in this segment. We are emerging as the leading service providers for couriers in London in same-day deliveries.